Wood Burning Stoves Coventry

Stoves are an excellent addition to any room and wood burning stoves are no different. They provide a centrepiece and allow you to transform a room into a nice homely atmosphere. Wood burning stoves are becoming increasingly popular and it is easy to see why. They are a fantastically efficient heating mechanism, pumping out a lot of heat at a cost-effective price. Wood and wood derivatives are easily acquirable fuel sources at affordable prices. The burning of wood is also a carbon neutral energy source so at no cost to the environment. Stoves are also adaptable. Not only are they a source of heat but also capable of being used for cooking and doubling up as a water boiler. If you require wood burning stoves Coventry then you have come to the right place!

East Midland Stoves specialise in the supply and installation of wood burning and multi fuel stoves. Based in Sapcote we deliver our services to Coventry and the surrounding areas. We also provide a dedicated chimney sweeping and maintenance service. Our expert team will run you through each step of the installation from start to finish and keep you informed of the whole process. If you require any form of stove or chimney maintenance get in touch with our expert team today!

Wood Burning Stoves Coventry

Wood Burning Stoves Coventry

East Midland Stoves specialise in all aspects of stoves. We provide a wide range of products and services including:

Bespoke Stove Installation – here at East Midland Stoves we specialise in the installation of wood burning and multi fuel stoves.

Multi Fuel Stoves – there are similar to wood burning stoves in appearance but differ in functionality. They are capable of burning other sources of fuel such as coal making them more flexible.

Gas Stoves – these combine the warmth of traditional solid fuel stoves with the ease and flexibility of gas as a source of fuel.

Electric Stoves – these are similar to gas stoves in that they combine the warmth and look of traditional solid fuel stoves with the ease and flexibility of electricity.

Fireside Accessories – East Midland Stoves provide various fireside accessories to help you with the maintenance of your stove. We provide products such as firelighters, moisture meters, cleaning products and suitable fuel.

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