Multi Fuel Stoves Leicester

Multi fuel stoves provide a fantastically efficient and aesthetically pleasing addition to any room. As excellent sources of heating they are also capable of doubling up as a boiler. Their uses are certainly diverse. Are you interested in wood burning or multi fuel stoves Leicester? If so then East Midland Stoves are the service for you. Based in Sapcote, Leicester we are easily accessible and provide multi fuel stove services throughout Leicestershire and the surrounding areas.

East Midland Stoves are highly experienced in all things stoves and have over 10 years’ experience. We have a dedicated team of fitters and sweepers that will provide you with the finest bespoke stove installations and dedicated chimney maintenance. We also have a luxurious storeroom if you wish to come down and speak to our experts face to face. Our storeroom is based in Sapcote and gives you a fantastic opportunity to take a look at our products and see what we can do for you. If you require a multi fuel stove Leicester installation service, contact us today for a free site visit.
Multi Fuel Stoves Leicester

Multi Fuel Stoves Leicester

We also provide a range of other stoves and stove related services. These include:

Bespoke Stove Installation – here at East Midland Stoves we specialise in the installation of wood burning and multi fuel stoves.

Wood Burning Stoves – wood burning stoves are similar to multi fuel stoves but vary slightly in that they are only capable of burning wood and wood derivative fuel sources.

Gas Stoves – these combine the warmth of traditional solid fuel stoves with the ease and flexibility of gas as a source of fuel.

Electric Stoves – these are similar to gas stoves in that they combine the warmth and look of traditional solid fuel stoves with the ease and flexibility of electricity.

Fireside Accessories – East Midland Stoves provide various fireside accessories to help you with the maintenance of your stove. We provide products such as firelighters, moisture meters, cleaning products and suitable fuel.

Chimney Maintenance – it is important that the condition of your chimney is thoroughly maintained. Chimneys should contain flues directly from the appliance through to the chimney pot to ensure the safe transportation of combustion products.

Chimney Servicing – servicing is important to check the structural integrity of chimneys and ensure its safety and suitability moving forward.

Chimney Sweeping – An annual chimney sweeping service is advisable to clear any obstructions that may have occurred such as bird nests and soot build ups.

Chimney Relining – the best way to ensure a flue is suitable for use is to reline the chimney shaft with new liners. This helps to ensure the structure is stable as well as water and wind tight.

Stove Aftercare – to preserve the life of your stove it is advisable to care for your stove. Using the right kind of fuel, cleaning the glass and following healthy and safety regulations all help to maintain this.

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