Gas Stoves Guide

Gas Stoves Guide

Gas stoves are defined as a source of heat that is created by the combustion of gas. There are various combustible gas sources including syngas, natural gas, butane and various other flammable gases. Before the invention of gas stoves, sources of fuel revolved around solid fuels such as coal or wood. Stoves are easily adjustable and are extremely advantageous in that they can be turned off when not in use. They are also highly efficient helping you to reduce household expenditure and provide a fantastic centrepiece to any room. However, as there are many gas stoves available on the market it is all to easy to get lost in the technical jargon. That is why here at East Midland Stoves we have compiled a gas stoves guide for you to aid you in making the correct decision!

How Do Gas Stoves Work?

Gas stoves function by trapping in heat within an airtight glass panel. This heat is then emitted outwards into the room while any waste air is disposed of via the chimney or flue. Gas stoves function extremely easily and simply require a gas connection. We are even able to provide gas stoves to you without the need for a chimney or flue. We can simply install a catalytic converter that will turn waste fumes into harmless gases that are then emitted.

Benefits To Gas Stoves

As we become increasingly aware of household expenditure, investing in highly efficient heating sources will only save you money in the long run. There are many benefits associated with investing in a gas fire for your home. Some of these include:

Cleanliness – there is little maintenance required for the upkeep of your gas stove and little bi-products such as smoke.

Homely – aesthetically pleasing and warm they provide a magnificent addition to any room to create that warm, homely ambience.

Adjustable – if you desire the look of a traditional stove but the ease of gas there are stoves available that look like the real thing. These can also include real looking artificial logs and coal.

Ease – your stove can be lit with the press of a button and the heat is easily adjustable. It also cuts out the sourcing of fuel sources.
Gas Stove

Are Gas Stoves Efficient & Expensive To Run?

Gas as a fuel source is extremely efficient to use. No energy is wasted as they do not unnecessarily suck in air for combustion. As there are no bi-products such as soot or residue your stove will also stay cleaner and burn more efficiently for longer. Gas is also one of the cheapest fuels available in the UK to purchase. Due to its low cost, the majority of energy used in the UK is via gas, so you will certainly not be alone in taking advantage of this efficient and cost effective fuel source! Again, as there are less bi-products, there are smaller maintenance costs associated with gas stoves.

Gas Stove Installation

Access to a chimney or flue is generally required to allow for the release of harmful gases. There is also the possibility of installing a catalytic converter to convert these harmful gases into harmless ones. However, unlawful stove installations are deemed illegal and many insurance companies will refuse to pay out on claims for fires that are caused by faulty or incorrect stove installations. The Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme (HETAS) is the governing body for stove installations of solid fuel and biomass heating. For your stove to be fully registered it must be signed off by a registered HETAS installer. East Midlands Stoves specialise in the installation of gas stoves and are fully HETAS registered.

Gas Stoves Guide

Here at East Midland Stoves we are experts in all aspects of stoves and stove installation. We provide our products and services in a variety of locations across the East Midlands including Leicester, Derby and Nottingham. As well as gas stoves we also provide a wide range of other products and services. These include:

Bespoke Stove Installation – East Midland Stoves specialise in the installation of a variety of stove types including wood burning and multi fuel stoves.

Electric Stoves – these are similar to gas stoves in that they combine the warmth and look of traditional solid fuel stoves with the ease and flexibility of electricity.

Fireside Accessories – East Midland Stoves provide various fireside accessories to help you with the maintenance of your stove. We provide products such as firelighters, moisture meters, cleaning products and suitable fuel.

Chimney Maintenance – it is important that the condition of your chimney is thoroughly maintained. Chimneys should contain flues directly from the appliance through to the chimney pot to ensure the safe transportation of combustion products.

Chimney Sweeping – An annual chimney sweeping service is advisable to clear any obstructions that may have occurred such as bird nests and soot build ups.

Stove Aftercare – to preserve the life of your stove it is advisable to care for your stove. Using the right kind of fuel, cleaning the glass and following healthy and safety regulations all help to maintain this.

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