Stove Installation Guide

Stove Installation Guide

Solid fuel stoves, be it wood burning or multi-fuel stoves, provide a fantastic form of heating.  They are an excellent addition to any home. Highly efficient and aesthetically pleasing they are both effective and charming in equal measure. However, when it comes to stove installation it is all too easy to get lost in the jargon and technical terms involved. There is a wide range of stoves available on the market. Therefore it can also be difficult to obtain the correct stove for your circumstances. As such, here at East Midland Stoves we have compiled a complete guide on stove installation to ensure you come to the correct decision!


Stove Installation Guide

HETAS Registered Stove Installation

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of your stove installation is that the person doing so is fully HETAS registered. HETAS (Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme) is the governing body for installers of solid fuel and biomass heating. For a solid fuel stove to be fully compliant with rules and regulations they must be signed off by a HETAS registered installer. It is crucial that when installing any type of solid fuel stove in your household you employ someone who is competent and fully registered to do so.

Unlawful stove installations are deemed illegal and many insurance companies will refuse to pay out for claims on fires that are caused by the faulty and incorrect stove installation. The importance of hiring fully registered experts cannot be underestimated. East Midland Stoves are fully HETAS registered and as such are able to ‘self certify’ that our stove installations are fully compliant with all rules and regulations.

HETAS Registered


Do You Have An Existing Chimney Breast?

If you already have an existing chimney breast then this will simply need to be swept and lined to allow for correct solid fuel stove installation. Chimney lining allows more efficient usage of the stove as there is a far smaller space that needs to be heated when lined. It also provides better protection about obnoxious gases such as carbon monoxide.

If you do not have a chimney this can be slightly more problematic as a ‘twin wall’ chimney will need to be installed. These are effectively steel chimney structures. You can have the option of both internal or external twin wall chimney installation. When installed internally they can also be boxed in.


What Size Stove Is Right For Me?

It is far more efficient to have a smaller stove running at full capacity as opposed to a larger stove only running at lower capacity. Efficient burning will also allow for greater fuel efficiency, greater heat output and less deposit build-ups within the flue. Considering the age, size and efficiency of your house is also important as older houses tend to be less efficient and as such require more output to effectively heat a room. If you are unsure what size stove is best for your circumstances our experts are always on hand to provide their expert opinions.


What Type Of Stove Is Right For Me?

Choosing between a multi fuel stove or wood burning stove for your solid fuel stove installation can be a difficult decision to make. There are various positives to each stove and choosing which stove is right for you can depend largely upon your circumstances and requirements. If you desire flexibility in your fuel sources then perhaps a multi fuel stove is for you. Should you desire a carbon neutral footprint then a wood burning stove could potentially work better for you. If you desire the look of a more traditional stove but prefer an easy alternative then perhaps a gas stove or electric stove may even be best! If you are unsure as to what stove is best for you, why not visit us in our stove showroom based in Sapcote, Leicester!


Fireside Accessories

You have decided on the stove for you and it has been correctly installed. Your home now looks great and is toasty and warm! But the fun does not stop there. Fireside accessories are also a great addition and can really bring your stove to life. Additions such as companion sets, kindling buckets and log baskets can look great while doubling up as useful storage options. Extras such as moisture meters, stove pipe thermometers and glass cleaner can also ensure your stove will continue to look great and burn efficiently. Visit out aftercare page for more information!


Stove Installation & Servicing

We can honestly say that no stove installation is the same. As such we offer a free ‘one to one’ site survey.  Our experts will talk you through each aspect of your stove installation. We aim to turn your dreams into reality, giving you complete peace of mind in the quality and safety of our work. We also specialise in creating bespoke solid fuel fireplaces. Our ‘made to measure’ natural stone hearths and exclusive fireplace chambers are designed to meet your individual needs and suit the style of your home. Contact us today for your free site survey!

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