Chimney Sweeping Nottingham

Regular chimney sweeping is crucial to preserve the longevity and health of your chimney. A regular service will help to remove build-ups of soot and various other blockages. This will reduce smokiness and the potential of chimney fires. Blockages can also cause back-drafts of harmful gases and emissions so regular sweeping is needed for better health and safety. Chimneys should be swept annually and every three months when used with wood burning stoves during burning season. If you require a chimney sweep Nottingham you have come to the right place!

Do you require chimney sweeping in Nottingham?

Here at East Midland Stoves we are experts in all aspects of chimney maintenance and servicing. Our dedicated sweeping team services all locations throughout Nottinghamshire and the surrounding areas. We are fully NACs and HETAS qualified and have a proven track record of providing dedicated bespoke stove installations to the highest standard. We also provide a wide range of fireside accessories and stove aftercare tips. Contact us today or better yet come visit us in our showroom!
Chimney Sweep Nottingham 

Chimney Sweep Services In Nottingham

Maintenance – It is important that the condition of your chimney is thoroughly maintained. Chimneys should contain flues directly from the appliance through to the chimney pot to ensure the safe transportation of combustion products.

Servicing – Servicing is important to check the structural integrity of chimneys and ensure its safety and suitability moving forward.

Sweeping – An annual chimney sweeping service is advisable to clear any obstructions that may have occurred such as bird nests and soot build ups.

Relining – The best way to ensure a flue is suitable for use is to reline the chimney shaft with new liners. This helps to ensure the structure is stable as well as water and wind tight.

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