Chimney Maintenance Leicester

Chimney maintenance helps to preserve the life of your stove and ensure the safe and effective burning of fuel. When left unattended chimneys can encounter many problems including structural integrity weaknesses, build ups of various materials and the potential for leakages. When dangerous blockages occur there is the possibility of harmful fumes entering your home so it is crucial to maintain the condition of your chimney. Various services including maintenance, sweeping and relining all help to prevent these issues. Do you require any form of chimney maintenance Leicester? If so then East Midland stoves are the service for you.

Chimney Maintenance Leicester

Chimney Maintenance Leicester

Here at East Midland Stoves we provide a wide range of services and products. Some of these include:

Bespoke Stove Installation – here at East Midland Stoves we specialise in the installation of wood burning and multi fuel stoves.

Fireside Accessories – East Midland Stoves provide various fireside accessories to help you with the maintenance of your stove. We provide products such as firelighters, moisture meters, cleaning products and suitable fuel.

Stove Aftercare – to preserve the life of your stove it is advisable to care for your stove. Using the right kind of fuel, cleaning the glass and following healthy and safety regulations all help to maintain this.

We specialise in all aspects of stove burning and chimney maintenance. Ranging from the stove provision and installation through to upkeep and maintenance we are experts in all things stoves. We also provide a variety of burning fuels and fireside accessories. If you require any form of stove assistance then contact us today, or better yet visit our cosy storeroom. We will have the kettle waiting!

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