Chimney Maintenance

Inspecting and maintaining the condition of your chimney is a necessity should you wish to safely and effectively use stoves. Chimney maintenance allows you to gauge the condition of the chimney and whether this will potentially pose a threat. When left unattended, the condition of chimneys can quickly deteriorate. Chimneys should contain a sealed flue from the appliance, such as a wood burning stove, through to the chimney pot. This allows the safe transportation of combustion products such as gases to escape safely. Effective chimney maintenance can involve a few procedures:

Chimney Sweeping – this ensures any obstructions are cleared to prevent the danger of soot falls and the potential back-draft of harmful gases. Products such as soot also have the potential to catch alight if left. We recommend you sweep your chimney annually, and as often as every three months during burning season.

Chimney Relining – this ensures the ongoing structural integrity of chimneys and allows safe and efficient combustion. It is important to check whether a chimney is both wind and water tight.

Chimney Repointing – Repointing is effectively renewing the external mortar points on any masonry construction. Over time weathering can adversely affect these joints and allow in unwanted water.

Smoke Testing – this helps to ensure there are no potential leaks that can emit harmful gases into your home.

Chimney Maintenance

Chimney Maintenance Services

Here at East Midland Stoves we provide a variety of chimney maintenance services including sweeping, relining and repointing. These all allow the continued safe and efficient burning of your stoves and allow you to rest easy knowing that your home is safe.  We are also fully NACs and HETAS qualified.

Our hard working, dedicated team service areas all across the East Midlands including Leicester, Derby, Coventry and Nottingham. If you require any form of stove or chimney maintenance services then East Midland Stoves is the place for you!