What Servicing Does My Stove Require?

What servicing does my stove require

At the end of the burning season, your stove should undergo an annual service. As well as sweeping and inspecting your chimney to ensure it is in a safe and usable condition, an annual service of your stove will include stripping, inspecting and cleaning of the components. Usually we would advise this is undertaken by a HETAS registered engineer, but there are still a few things you can do yourself.

Wood Burning & Multi Fuel Stove Servicing

The following points are given as a general guide:

  • Ensure the appliance is cool.
  • Remove the internal parts such as ash-pan, firebricks and grate.
  • Hoover any remaining debris such as ash.
  • Clean the internal surfaces using a wire brush. Hoover any remaining debris.
  • Clean the removed parts with a wire brush (grate) or soft brush (firebricks). Check for damage and breaks, if so these pieces should be replaced. Once cleaned or replaced, re-fit the internal components.
  • Remove the stove glass and discard of the old or worn rope seal. Clean the old glue from the groove which contained the rope seal.
  • Replace, if required, the rope seal and glue it into place with a thermal seal adhesive. Re-fit the stove glass.
  • Oil the stove hinges and catches.
  • To refresh the look of your stove from the outside, aerosol paint will do the job for painted finishes. Enamelled surfaces should only be cleaned with a damp, soft cloth.

Stove Servicing

Here at East Midland Stoves we are fully HETAS and NACS registered. We provide a wide range of stoves and chimney installation, servicing and maintenance. If you are interested in seeing what we can do for you, contact our expert team today.


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