5 Tips For Cleaning Your Wood Burning Stove

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Everybody loves the look of a wood burning stove, right!? They provide a magnificent centrepiece to a room and certainly pack a punch when it comes to throwing out heat! Therefore, it is only natural to want to keep your stove looking in top condition. That is why we have provided you with five easy tips for cleaning and maintaining your wood burning stove. Read on to find out more!

Tips For Cleaning Your Wood Burning Stove

Cleaning Your Stove Glass

Cleaning your wood burning stove
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If you light your fire incorrectly, your stove is not properly ventilated or if you use moist firewood these can all result in dirty, sooty looking stove glass. A great, cost-effective way to solve this problem is using the ash from your stove. Simply dipping a moist cloth into the cold ashes and then rubbing against the glass will remove the sooty look. It is important to clean the glass when it is cool. Using cold liquids or products on a hot glass surface can weaken or even shatter the glass.

Alternatively, there are specialist cleaning products available ideal for cleaning your wood burning stove. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions on the product. There are plenty of products perfect for cleaning your stove, contact your local solid fuel specialists to see what they have available.

Cleaning The Outside Of The Log Burner

Cast iron is the material most often used in the production of solid fuel stoves due to its strength and resistance to heat. Simply using a stiff brush and vacuum cleaner should be sufficient when cleaning the outside of your burner. Try to avoid liquid solutions where possible as this can leave streaks and even potentially result in rust.

Cleaning The Flue

Thorough maintenance and sweeping of your flue is crucial to avoid blockages and maintain the efficient burning of your stove. There are chimney cleaning accessories available should you wish to attempt this yourself. Alternatively, and probably a far easier and cheaper solution, you could hire a professional chimney sweep and rest easy in the knowledge that it has been cleaned correctly.

Cleaning The Ashpan

Looking After Your Stove
Cleaning the glass ensures your stove looks great

During the summer months when you are unlikely to be using your stove it is probably advisable to empty your ashpan. However, it is worth remembering that when you are attempting to light a fire it is useful to have a layer of ash as this will insulate the fire and make it easier to light. However, an overfilled ashpan can restrict the flow of air to the grate and hinder your fire. Most stoves have a riddling mechanism which will allow you to move the grate. This enables the ash to fall through the grate into the ashpan.

Cleaning The Inside Of The Stove

It is not uncommon, once you have emptied the ashpan, for there still to be remnants of ash and soot within the stove itself. This is easily removed with the use of a metal dust pan, or even a vacuum cleaner. Try to be gentle when doing so as it can kick up some dust. Ensure that the stove is cool before you begin cleaning the inside of it!

Maintaining Your Log Burner

So there you have it! Five simple and cost-effective tips for cleaning and maintaining your log burner. If you are interested in acquiring a wood burning stove for your home but do not know where to begin, do not hesitate to get in touch!

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