How To Light Your Wood Burner


You’ve just bought the ideal log burning stove for your lovely home. You have had the stove installed, complete with a lovely natural stone hearth and fireside accessories. You have even had your chimney serviced and swept to ensure your fire will burn properly. Now its just a case of lighting your stove. Easy, right!? Not necessarily. For anyone not used to starting a fire it can be quite a daunting task the first time you do it. But fear not, here at East Midland Stoves we have the ultimate guide on how to light your wood burner and what you will need to do so. Read on to find out more!

How To Light Your Wood Burning Stove

What You Need To Light Your Stove

Natural Firelighters

Like many things, thorough preparation will save you time and money in the long run. When lighting a fire it is not simply a case of chucking some pieces of wood onto a fire and it’s away. You will need to prepare properly with the correct tools and fuel sources. Below is a list of items you will require:

A Solid Fuel Stove

The main component! There is a wide range of solid fuel stoves available on the market, with various sizes, shapes and capabilities. No matter your circumstances, there is sure to be a stove right for you. Why not take advantage of our stove installation package here at East Midland Stoves!


Natural firelighters are made from wood bi-products and easily catch alight. Just as useful are pieces of newspaper screwed up into bundles. These are crucial for the initial lighting of the fire.


Kindling are small pieces of wood that will burn easily. They are used to increase the heat of a fire before you add the main fuel. Kindling will burn brightly and fairly quickly, producing a good core heat which is essential to getting a good heat base for lighting the logs. Kindling needs to be extremely dry. The ideal size of your kindling should be sticks and twigs ranging in thickness from a mouse cable thickness to no thicker than your finger.

Seasoned Logs
Seasoned Logs

Seasoned Logs

This is the main fuel for your fire. Ideally you will use high quality wood that is dry. Damp wood will struggle to burn effectively and create smoke. Your fire will also produce smoke when it is not hot enough. If you use high quality dry wood it will be easier to light, burn hotter and be easier to clean up.

A Lighter Or Matches

You need to be able to light your fire! It is important to not use any combustible products such as fuel as these are extremely difficult to control and can result in house fires.

East Midland Stoves stock all the items you will require for building your fire. With a wide range of fireside accessories, fire starting kits and seasoned fuel, why not pop into our showroom and pickup what you need to start your fire.


To Light Your Fire

How To Light Your Wood Burning Stove
Lighting Your Log Burner

Once you have everything you need to start your fire it is then time to begin building it. These five steps will explain how:

1. Ensure your stoves air vents are open in order to allow a proper air supply. If you are unsure how to open your air vents your stove instruction manual will tell you how. These can be adjusted during combustion when needed.

2. Using your firelighters and kindling create a small pyramid shaped structure in the middle of your stove. Ensure there is sufficient air between your items to allow for efficient combustion. When starting your fire it is essential to get the right balance between these three things.

3. Light the firelighters and ensure the stove is drawing in as much air as possible. This will help feed the fire and allow it to burn properly. To increase the heat of your fire it might need other things in the fire triangle such as more fuel or oxygen.

4. Once the kindling is properly burning you can add two or three larger logs. When applying these larger logs take care not to smother the fire.

5. Now the fire is burning properly you can adjust the air vents to allow in more or less air. This will make your wood burn for shorter or longer accordingly. They may need to be opened when the fire is dying down or new logs are added.

By following these five simple steps your fire will be burning brightly before you know it. However, to ensure your fires burns properly it is important to make sure you maintain both your stove and chimney. Doing so will save you time and money in the long run! If you have enjoyed our guide on how to light your wood burning stove, why not check out our guide on multi fuel stoves.

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