Stove Aftercare

  • Chimney Sweeping

    National association of chimney sweeps

    Your stove should be serviced once a year. Your chimney should be swept a minimum of once per year and every 3 months during the burning season. Please contact us to book in your chimney sweep and service every year.

  • Cleaning The Glass


    Never close the air wash system off completely as this will cause the glass to go black. If the glass does become black this could be caused by too much moisture content in your fire wood/fire not burning hot enough.

    You can always use stove glass cleaner if you are struggling to keep it clean.

  • Fuel To Burn


    Use good quality fire wood with a moisture content of less than 20% unless recommended otherwise by the stove manufacturer. A list of approved fire wood suppliers can be found on the HETAS website.

    Please purchase a moisture meter so that you can check the moisture content of your wood prior to burning.

  • Be Careful


    Reload your stove with care as throwing the fire wood into your stove can result in damage to the fire bricks.

    Log stores must be suitably placed and designed to keep your fire wood dry, your fire wood must be raised off the floor and ventilated from the front and sides.

  • To Start A Fire

    how to start a fire

    · Place 2-3 hardwood logs in the stove

    · Put a fire lighter on top

    · Place 10-15 pieces of kindling on top of the firelighter (Jenga stack)

    · Light a firelighter in the middle of the kindling stack and keep the door ajar for 10 minutes

    · Open up the primary and secondary air systems fully and keep the door ajar for the first 10 minutes, this will give the stove plenty of combustion air

  • Accessories

    fireside accessories

    We have a selection of stove accessories which can help you with your stove:

    *Flamers fire lighters

    *Moisture Meters

    *Stove pipe thermometer

    *Glass Cleaner

    *Extra long matches

    *Companion sets

    *kindling buckets

    *Log baskets


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