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*Important Announcement*

Clean Air Strategy

Millions of people in the UK today would have seen the media headlines with regards to burning solid fuels. Our fireplace showroom has taken a lot of calls from concerned clients so we thought that we would clarify a few things….

The government will ban the sale of small amounts of wet logs and traditional house coal by February 2021, they are not banning the installation and use of multi fuel stoves or open fires! Also by February 2022 all stoves that do not comply with new SIA approval laws will not be allowed to be sold and installed in England! These laws already came into play in some European countries back in 2015, this just shows that our government is some what delayed in the world of burning solid fuel.

It shouldn’t come as a shock to hear that burning wet wood and house coal is exceptionally bad for our environment let alone our stoves and chimneys. We have been advising against this since the day East Midland Stoves was established. You should only burn properly seasoned timber (20%moisture or less) or specially formed smokeless fuels to reduce our countries particulate matter.

Do not let the media scare you into thinking you can’t enjoy a stove or open fire responsibly, you just need to know the facts!


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